No. Title Name District
1 Project DRIP (Developing Responsive Innovative Planting) Sunrise L. Bustamante SAGUDAY
2 Project WIN (Work Immersion Network) Noli R. Medina Jr. SAGUDAY
3 LINK-UP (Lead the Instruction and Navigate Knowledge Utilizing Varied LDMs to Pupils of VPES) ELISA S. MARCELINO DIFFUN 1
4 Success Stories Unfold version1: A Presentation of Researches, Innovations and Best Practices of Schools Amid the Pandemic MELY M. RUBI PhD and ELISA S. MARCELINO DIFFUN 1
5 Project P2P: A Strategy to Reduce Generated Paper Wastes at San Antonio IS SHARON M. ANANAYO DIFFUN 1
6 Project HITTY (Hagiyo IPED Through the Years) RODOLEO C. ESPIRITU SDO PROPER
7 Project ACCESS (Amplify, Calibrate, Combine, Escalate, Support and Strengthen stakeholders' partnership initiatives and activities for the New Normal) MELY M. RUBI PhD DIFFUN 1
8 Project EARN (Engaging in Assistive and Responsive Numeric preparation of offline video instructional materials) ROMMEL P. TARUN CABARROGUIS
9 Project SINAG-RBI (Strengthening Instruction for a Noteworthy Achievement for this Generation through localized Radio-Based Instruction) GEMMAVI  V. DULNUAN DIFFUN 1
10 QUAAR (Quality, Updated, Active and Accessible Records) in Google Drive of Bannawag IS NAPOLEON N. COSTALES DIFFUN 1
11 LAMPARA (Lead, Assist and Mend Patiently the Readers to Achieve More) ELISA S. MARCELINO DIFFUN 1
12 Win-a-Word Strategy: A Reading Enhancement for the Grade VI Crimson Red Pupils of Villa Santiago ES WINEFRED D. NADAL AGLIPAY EAST
13 TRAIN (Teach learners to Raise And Improve their Skills on identifying Expository Text) EVELYN R. PEREZ DIFFUN 1
14 TASK (Thrive our Abilities in Science Knowledge) GEMALYN C. MARTIN DIFFUN 1
15 SIR (Shade Intended for Reading) DAISY H. DULNUAN NAGTIPUNAN NORTH
16 Project SBM TWIST (School-based Management Teamwork and Innovative Actions for School Improvement and Transformation) HILARIA T. SABADO PhD, MARY CHRISTINE S. DEZA CABARROGUIS
No. Title Name District
1 Project Family Reading Engagement for the Grade V and Grade VI Pupils of San Antonio ES FREDERICK M. GUILLERMO AGLIPAY EAST
2 Project SQUARE-ACT (Sustaining Quality Undertakings on numeracy Activities through the Refinement of Extraordinary Math Advocates and Competent Teachers in the new normal) JONATHAN C. BACCAY, DELIA D. AQUINO EdD AGLIPAY WEST
3 ExPOSE ME (Exciting Promotion of Outstanding  Tourism Spots through Electronic Media) LOVELY EDELWEISS J. HAO CABARROGUIS
4 SHOWS (Showcasing and Honing Skills in Animation through Online Watch and Show) VINCENT JAY A. HAO CABARROGUIS
5 HOPE (Health and Wellness for Overweight, wasted and stunted children through Parent Engagement in the school and community) WINEFRED D. NADAL AGLIPAY EAST
6 Project TULADEN DAC (Transforming and Upscaling Landscapes with Ambiance Driven to Engagement and Nurturing Different Vegetables with Appreciation and Care) JORDAN C. URSUA JR. CABARROGUIS
7 Project SPARK 3.0 (Strengthening Potentials in Acquiring Research-based Knowledge in the New Normal) CHARINA S. MEDINA SAGUDAY
8 Project CLEAR: A Tool to Improve the Reading Comprehension in English of the Grade 3 Pupils of Dingasan IS GRACE N. BINLAYAN CABARROGUIS
9 Project STEWARD (Supervise Teachers to become Excellent, Wizard, Achiever, Resilient and Dedicated) MELY M. RUBI PhD DIFFUN 1
10 TRAIN (Teach Learners to Raise and Improve their Skills on Identifying Expository Text) EVALYN R. PEREZ DIFFUN 1
11 Project EXPERTS (Excellent Performance Evident in Research through Training in Statistics) DONALYN L. SACLAMITAO SAGUDAY
12 Project Basura Ko, I-bote Ko, Iuwi Ko MARIFE T. CHUA AGLIPAY EAST
13 Blends: Aschool-based Framework for Interdisciplinary Performance Assessment ARLENE G. TOMAS SAGUDAY
14 LIFT (Learners Need in Reading, Intensified with Foremost and Easy Techniques) RODEL O. MIRANDA DIFFUN 1
15 Project I-LEAD (Invigorating School Learning Action Cell: Key to Parents and Teachers' Continuous Professional Development) JEAN D. LUCAS PhD SAGUDAY
16 DIS Lettuce Mini-garden: Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) Hydroponics System: An Innovation and Income Generating Project NOVELINE C. TACATA PhD AGLIPAY WEST
17 Webinar Series in Media and Information Literacy JAY LORD S. SANTOS CABARROGUIS
18 Project FLIP Talk (Friendly Learning Involvement of Parents Talk) CLEMENCIA A. BAGUIDUDOL AGLIPAY WEST
19 Project PEN (Performance Enrichment Activities to Nurture Writing Skills) in the New Normal SHEILO MAE P. ROSETE DIFFUN 1
20 Project WATCHER (Winning the interest, Attending to needs and Tracking and Connecting to at-risk learners for Holistic development and Emphatic Recognition) WINSTON A. TANGLOD MADDELA 2
21 Project TEAM (Tapping Supportive Parents and Engaging them actively in Attaining Learners' Mastery in Reading IVY JOY JEAN G. EVANGELISTA AGLIPAY WEST
22 Project HYMN (Honing the Youth through Music in the New Normal for Grade 8 Students of Quirino General High School FREDELYN U. ADUCA CABARROGUIS
23 Reading Together at Villa Pascua Elementary School MAGIELYN B. GALDONEZ DIFFUN 1
24 Project MOLE (Magnifies academic performance using Operational and various Learning materials and strategies to Enhance the least mastered competencies) GEMSLEE R. PASION MADDELA 2
25 Friendly Activities and Challengeing Exercises in a Book RODESSA B. SARANDI MADDELA 1
26 Project VIEWTIFUL (Views and Important Educational Wonders and Timely Information about Facts and Health Protocols on COVID-19 Under the New Normal) IRENE D. CORPUZ NAGTIPUNAN NORTH
27 Project MATHALINO (Mathematics Advance Learning Integration in the New Normal) RAYSON JAY J. TABANGIN CABARROGUIS